What We Do
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What We Do

Walenta has been providing superior centerless grinding. We are able to offer this because of the combination of our machines and our personnel: Aggressive investment in top-of-the-line, modern equipment you won’t easily find elsewhere, and personnel trained to standards not often seen in this industry.

What is superior centerless grinding? It’s service that is not created equal. It’s quality that we stake our reputation on. It’s word of mouth, for our 70+ years and four generations doing one thing – and doing it well – is what’s kept our doors open and our phone ringing. It’s setting the standard in the industry. It’s the ability to offer the exact precision grinding needed for any situation, be it thrufeed, infeed or form grinding, with short turnaround and attention to your requirements.

Our quality – It defines us

Consider the complexity required for different jobs: thrufeed work requires a specified grinding size and finished size; infeed work includes specified grinding and finished size as well as grinding length; and form work – the most complicated jobs requested – includes not only specified grinding size, but also may be of different sizes, require work within the length of the part, and offer required finished and overall length.

Note: the form work description may need to be tweaked; I don’t understand it well enough, but is there a better way to say how it is the most complicated job requested? Walenta offers it all.

All of our work is followed up by a superior level of inspection, using equipment that measures roundness, size, finish, taper and straightness.

This superior level of inspection ensures the lifespan your products deserve.

Tools for Quality Assurance

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Tight tolerances require ceramic gauge blocks for inspection

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Precise surface texture measuring tool used to qualify the correct specified finish

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To eliminate part and coolant temperature differences, a laser thermometer is used

All our machinists have extensive knowledge of the machinery we use as well as having taken a comprehensive, three-day course covering the “Art and Science of Centerless Grinding”.

Additionally they receive training via a grinding principles seminar at the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Sciences.